Machines and equipment

Buying equipment one tend to get advanced functionality and purposefulness. At the same time it is unreasonable one should pay for options he will never need and use.

We could offer to design and produce a custom-made machine or tool that would completely cover one's individual needs and purposes. Our engineering is notable for high quality execution and excellent operability.

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subpointhandsaws and powersaw benches, console saws; transporter
subpointtrimmers, wood butting, gauging, cutting and polishing machines;internal_link
subpointdrilling, tapping and thread-cutting machines;
subpointwood. metal and stone sawing machines;internal_link
subpointpressers and moulding equipment;
subpointautomatic moving or stable ramps, bridges and overpasses;
subpointwooden pallet making lines and equipment;
subpointmetal, tubes and wattles bending, folding, punching equipment;
subpointwire netting, barbed wire and rope turning equipment;
subpointconveyors, traverser and other feeding machines;internal_link
subpointcorn crushers, feed mills, grinders, industrial blenders;internal_link
subpointsolid biofuel and pellets making machines;internal_link
subpointshaft, console and building lifters and vertical transporters;internal_link
subpointturnpikes, antitheft barriers, roadguards and footway protectors;internal_link
subpointpaving tile forming and full-cycle equipment;
subpointmanual and automatic hoists, telpher blocks;internal_link
subpointsaw sharpening, welding and spreading equipment;internal_link
subpointgearboxes and motion automatization units;
subpointsafe vaults, storage facilities and depositories;internal_link
subpointautomatic open out, rolling, lifting doors and gates;
subpointloading, feeding and warehouse equipment.