History and outlook

Fact­ory of Pur­pose De­signed Equip­ment "Uni­ver­sal" was foun­ded in the be­gin­ning of 90s as the branch of Zhytomyr Fact­ory of Fuel Equip­ment and by 1993 it had been in­cluded in­to the Hold­ing "ZIL-Ukraine". The Fact­ory oc­cu­pied a sev­er­al hec­tares ter­rit­ory with­in the bound­ar­ies of the city and that made it the most prom­ising in­dus­tri­al ob­ject in Zhytomyr re­gion.

photo-old_buildingThe events of early 90s, peres­troika, sep­ar­a­tion of states and re­dis­tri­bu­tion of prop­erty un­der­mined the Fact­ory and by the end of 1993 it stopped its ex­ist­ence as a part of the Hold­ing, and sev­er­al months later it ceased to pre­vail as the en­ter­prise at all. A few former work­ers man­aged to pre­serve op­er­ab­il­ity of a small man­u­fact­ory that fi­nally re­mained the only im­print of the former multi-hec­tare plant. The be­gin­ning was set. In the course of time the piece was grow­ing and de­vel­op­ing as the sub­si­di­ary of "ZIL-Ukraine" Hold­ing. Re­la­tions with the par­ent struc­ture were rather con­ven­tion­al than ad­vant­age­ous as it rendered no fin­an­cial in­vest­ments and tech­no­lo­gic­al sup­port.

In 1995 the Fact­ory for­cibly ob­tained com­plete in­de­pend­ence, hav­ing fi­nally lost all in­dus­tri­al and eco­nom­ic­al re­la­tions with the Hold­ing. The course of events ap­peared to be a no­tice­able im­pulse for evol­u­tion. Hav­ing no ded­ic­ated tech­no­lo­gies and in­dus­tri­al fa­cil­it­ies it was all alone in­vest­ig­at­ing con­sumer seg­ments of do­mest­ic mar­ket and pro­du­cing simple but highly pop­u­lar that days pro­duc­tion such as ar­mored doors, gates, fences, grills and sledges.

With flow of time tech­nic­al and in­dus­tri­al powers of the Fact­ory were in­creas­ing, it passed through sev­er­al stages of op­tim­iz­a­tion and fi­nally came to the loc­al mar­ket as a self-suf­fi­cient, in­de­pend­ent and dy­nam­ic­ally de­vel­op­ing en­ter­prise.

photo-new_buildingNowadays Fact­ory "Uni­ver­sal", Ltd. is a ster­ling fact­ory with huge staff of work­ing, ser­vice and op­er­at­ing per­son­nel, prop­er en­gin­eer­ing bur­eau and well-proven man­u­fac­ture lines. The as­sort­ment dra­mat­ic­ally in­crea­sed in com­par­is­on with 90s. Today we pro­duce not just metal­ware but great deal of ag­ri­cul­tur­al ma­chinery, wood­work­ing and stone­work­ing tools, belt and role con­vey­ors, trans­port­a­tion lines, cargo lift­ers, load trail­ers, auto­mated gates and anti-theft bar­ri­ers etc. The qual­ity of pro­duc­tion, wide scale of projects and nu­mer­ous pos­it­ive feed­backs are the un­deni­able ad­vant­ages in re­la­tions with our cli­ents and part­ners.

For 17 years of activ­ity the Fact­ory has passed from re­gion­al to na­tion­al man­u­fac­turer. It be­came a re­li­able part­ner for nu­mer­ous loc­al and for­eign com­pan­ies and con­tin­ues mak­ing the man­u­fac­ture bet­ter cov­er­ing new and soph­ist­ic­ated seg­ments of metal­ware and ma­chinery mar­ket.