Consumer concern

Establishment of kind, friendly and favourable relations with our consumers is a principle aim in Com­pa­ny's development. Experienced assistants and engineers, approved partners all over Ukraine and qualified agents in many European countries are ready to help you. Regardless of your plans and demands you can count upon our experience. Our highly professional team is always at your disposal.

In order to guarantee stable work of our equipment, we not just carry out a number of tests and presales exa­mi­na­tions but offer a 24/7 customer support . The operators provide information and technical sup­port, assist in diagnosing and troubleshoot majority of problems that actually require no direct interference of service engineers.

Collaborating with huge logistics providers and cargo operators we worked out a single scheme of rapid spare parts and production samples delivery. This enables our distant consumers to get equal loyalty and ser­vice in shortest possible terms. We really care the consumer!