Metalware and constructions

Manufacture of industrial, building and consumer constructions is one of the core domains in the En­ter­prise activities. Our clients presented with respective building and industrial companies, cellular te­le­com­mu­ni­ca­tion operators, fuel station, state and government organizations etc. expect hight quality and reliable output and we are not to let them down!

Many items are standard and produced serially whereas most others are engineered individually with ac­co­unt of consumer's specific requirements thus being turned out in limited batches.

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subpointassembled constructions and split-design systems; constructions
subpointparts of constructions and structures (girders, frames, stanchions);
subpointbuilding and fitting units;internal_link
subpointmetal, combined with wood or stone or forged stairs and handrails;
subpointornamental and forged galleries and passages;
subpointautomatic moving or stable ramps, bridges and overpasses;
subpointroad and footway barriers, limit stops and restrictors;internal_link
subpointshielding, protecting and boarding hardware, antitheft systems;internal_link
subpointdocking and linking units, joining and fixing mounts;internal_link
subpointgarbage disposers, refuse bins and containers;internal_link
subpointair ducts, ventilating wellholes and aeration systems;
subpointmetal, combined with wood or completely forged bowers;internal_link
subpointornate copes, forged awnings, arbours and garden designs;
subpointtrading pavilions, stalls, summerhouses, light moving structures;internal_link
subpointhangars, docks, hoppers, boxes etc.;
subpointsectional and fixed scaffoldings, framings and falseworks;
subpointcellular equipment containers, base stations frameworks;internal_link
subpointadvertising panels, bill-boards and cily-lights;
subpointvaults, storage facilities and depositories;internal_link
subpointforged or welded window gratings;
subpointmetal and armor doors, intercoms guards;
subpointforged furniture and interior items;internal_link
subpointlanterns, illumination cases, stands, ornamental flowerpots and beds;
subpointmetal, combined and forged fences, barriers and enclosures;
subpointautomatic open out, rolling, lifting doors and gates;
subpointbenches, forged padded stools, bar, garden and elegant chairs;
subpointbarbecue, brazier and grill-systems;internal_link
subpointsport training equipment, football gates, basketball shields;
subpointplaygrounds, swings, seesaws.