Farm nachinery and tools

Under recent economic situation Ukrainian agricultural complex experiences fairly difficult times. Farmers are forced to search for the alternative, thrifty and more economical ways of managing their business. We easy understand their hardship thus approaching with the loyal and favourable offers. We apply every effort to bring forward fine domestic goods for smart and reasonable cost.

Collecting data about complex demands for the recent years we have found out that buying relatively low-price Chinese, Indian etc. machines these farmers afterwards are left without proper technical and service sup­port or they have to buy spare units and parts for overprice.

Hereby our Enterprise offers the agricultural sector a reasonable and full-rate policy - browse our "Farmer Referencebook" and know what the statement is.

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subpointshredders, crushers and root-cutters; gearbox
subpointcorn crushers, grain crusher, feed mills and industrial blenders;internal_link
subpointsolid biofuel and pellets making equipment;internal_link
subpointbriquetting, pressing and forming equipment;
subpointsemiautomatic pallets making lines;
subpointwire netting, barbed wire and rope turning equipment;
subpointconveyors, traverser and other feeding machines;internal_link
subpointlifting equipment and vertical transporters;internal_link
subpointturnpikes, antitheft barriers, roadguards and footway protectors;internal_link
subpointmanual and automatic hoists, telpher blocks;internal_link
subpointsaw sharpening, welding and spreading equipment;internal_link
subpointgearboxes and motion automatization units;
subpointreduction gears, pinions, driving shafts, sprocket gears etc.;
subpointcogwheels and devices;
subpointmuffs, half-couplings, stud, joiners and couplers;
subpointlead screws and worm gears;
subpointраспашкand, бороны, саtoвые прandнадлежностand;
subpointsteel-wire, enclosure wire and barbed wire;
subpointfences, screens, lattices, enclosures and gates;internal_link
subpointgrain elevators, milling and crushing equipment;
subpointload trailers and trailers for animal transportation;internal_link
subpointcustom-made, dedicated and special-purpose farming machines;
subpointhotbeds, greenhouses and hothouse complexes;internal_link