The company

Factory of Purpose Designed Equipment "Universal" - is one of the leading Ukrainian developers and pro­du­cers of a purpose-designed and dedicated equipment. Up-to-date and reliable technologies entirely ref­lect the strategy of the Company development - currently we keep one of the leading positions on the do­mes­tic market.

Located in Zhytomyr city, Ukraine, Factory of Purpose Designed Equipment is a powerful regional pro­du­cer, acknowledged partner of the European manufacture system. Stable export relations with more than 10 West Europe countries serve an undeniable proof of the international Company recognition. Among our res­pec­tive clients are large state institutions and private organizations, building and industrial companies, ven­tu­res of agricultural complex.

Company's structure concerns actual tendencies in national economics and is oriented on the needs and de­mands of its partners and consumers. Hence for about 15 years this ideology urges us to work out high stan­dards and evidently constitutes in our success. The corporate philosophy is simple: "With the high-quality production and outstanding service we remain the best."